About Our Team

Our Mission is to inform, inspire and network through:


  • Building partnerships with organizations, change managers and change management providers
  • Hosting educational and social network events
  • Increase membership in ACMP Belux to become a solid based organization and the reference for the people side of change by exchanging and enhancing change management knowledge, activities, community and network
  • Align with ACMP Global to share and contribute to change management knowledge and networks

Daniel Ocsinberg


Daniel is passionate and savvy about technology. When there is a new thingie, he wants to try it. These technology changes have a huge impact on today’s companies and its employees. And that’s where Daniel spends most of its professional time. Helping companies and people to cope with new challenges and technologies.

Daniel is particularly passionate about Agile. As an Agile coach, he helps teams to adopt this new way of working. 

When Daniel is not working, he enjoys a glass of wine and a game of chess. When the weather gets better, he loosens the lines and sails windward.

Within ACMP Belux he takes care of finance, partnerships.


Hubert Vanhoe


Hubert has enjoyed a career in B2B Services companies where he learned – often the hard way – what it takes to make change succesfull. Indeed, business success is not achieved by those who can build the best strategy, but rather by those who manage change successfully and implement their chosen strategy effectively… and sustain it. His experience in leadership roles convinced him that change is therefore, more then ever and without question, the biggest strength, weakness, opportunity and threat to any business and any career. The change management ‘nation’ is composed of many ‘tribes’ but these different insights will most certainly contribute to the emergence and the development of this interdisciplinary profession. By joining the board of the ACMP Belux chapter he looks forward to contribute to this professionalization of ‘change management’.

Next to this new mission in life, Hubert is the proud father of two young adults, happily married to Yamina, plays the bass guitar once in a while and cannot live without music, loves swimming and biking, buys too many books ( and reads too little).


Andjeny Bacchus

Community, Sponsoring, Change café

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Andjeny fell in love with the capital of Europe, Brussels, where she now lives.

She enjoys to explore new corners of the city, prefers to try out local stuff, and adores good food with red wine.

Professionally, making change easy during Digital Transformation is what Andjeny strives for, strongly focussing on putting people in a central place.

She gets energised of working with people, and breaking the ice quickly to make everyone, including herself, feel comfortable.